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TRENDING: The Return of Lace and Ruffle Shirts For Men

by Emily Pack |

Those with a keen eye for emerging trends will have noticed the flourishing of lace, crochet and ruffle shirts on the menswear scene this spring-summer. Ideal for the warmer weather, semi-sheer shirting has been creeping into the modern man's mainstream slowly over the past few years, championed by contemporary music icons including Damiano David of Måneksin and Harry Styles. However, how 'new' is this hot new trend really? 

Whilst this fresh look is arguably another example of the global pandemic's effect on people's wardrobes, with Gen Z at the helm of TikTok encouraging maximalism and experimentation in fashion to combat the boredom and uncertainty of a life locked indoors - as well as a celebration of post-pandemic liberation and embracing of expanding identity boundaries (after all, the sheer shirt has been a mainstay in LGBTQ+ culture for decades) - in reality, this is another trend picked out for recycling from the past. Much like how Y2K style has come back in a big way for teens and twenty-somethings, the lace and ruffle shirts we're seeing now were a mainstay of many late 1960s-1980s subculture styles, including in Glam Rock and the dandy-inspired New Romantics.

As a brand rooted in rock and roll influence, we've embraced forward-thinking yet historically-influenced style since our inception, taking inspiration from the androgynous and out-there fashion of icons including Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie and Prince. Incorporating gender style boundary-pushing materials like lace, plush velvets, ruffles and exotic prints into shirting has always been our thing, and we've come out in full force this summer with an extensive new range of lace, crochet and ruffle shirt styles to meet the growing demand in menswear for alternative and exciting pieces - including our Lace Ruffle Shirt, Maya Lace Polo and Lace Crochet Polo.

Being an independent brand who release all of our styles in limited runs, rather than a fast-fashion megahouse, we believe your wardrobe should be a carefully cultivated reflection of your personal style, not dictated by trends. But, as we've already established, sheer and ruffle shirts have been a wardrobe staple for the 'rock and roll soul' from the beginning, so whether you're an old hand at embracing eccentricity, or new to figuring out how it is that you really want to dress, post-lockdown is the perfect time to live your best life and make a statement with your look and invest in some new pieces.

On another note, as well as being ultimately anti-conformity and yet somehow right on trend, sheer and lace shirting for men does also have a practical side. With temperatures soaring across the globe this summer, lace and crochet shirting allows for air flow, and our signature cuban silhouette shirts are cut for a relaxed fit with short sleeves for maximum breathability and comfort, so if you needed any further convincing that it was time to try the trend, let the weather be it.