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Phix X The Girls Club

by Adam Ward |

On an incredibly cold and snowy day in Manchester a few weekends back, we had the pleasure of meeting up with CJ and Georgie from The Girls Club. The Girls Club is a creative agency who model and shoot clothing, interview brands, and in general make creative content for the fashion industry.

CJ and Georgie were keen to experiment and style up some clothing from our collections, which is something we were more than happy with! Like us, they too share the views that clothing isn't gender specific and you can wear whatever you want to, regardless of whether it is 'menswear' or 'womenswear'. It was great to hear that they're both open to wearing pretty much anything, as they feel it's "important to stay true to yourself and wear whatever you feel comfortable".


We met in the office where the girls had a chat with our team, before choosing which items they wanted to style. Christian - one of the lads here at Phix - then went out to help them shoot across the streets of Manchester.

In the first shoot Georgie chose our Lonely Hearts Kaftan, which complimented her super bright hair and neon flares perfectly. To go with the kaftan she kept the look really 60s with her baker boy cap and pink sunglasses, killer!


Contrasting with this, CJ opted for a monochromatic look and rocked our White Leopard Velvet Kaftan - one of her favourite prints. She paired the shirt with some leather trousers and white boots, creating the real rock 'n' roll vibe that we love at Phix!


On the second shoot, Georgie wore the Velvet Paisley Rose Shirt again with her baker boy, and CJ wore the  Velvet Paisley Kaftan with a teal hat and ripped skinny jeans. We really loved the energy that both the girls had across the shoot, and how much they enjoyed styling up the shirts in their own way. Combining both retro 60s and rock and roll, the girls have both shown how women can look just as good as men in menswear apparel. 


It was great working with both Georgie and CJ, and as CJ said "rock and roll isn't about gender, it's about expressing yourself", so we're looking forward to seeing more women in Phix! We've got lots of exciting things happening at the moment, so keep your eyes pealed across social media and our blog for updates in the near future. 


For now, check out The Girls Club's post about the shoot here.


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