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Our Shirting Collections

by Adam Ward |

After the success of our jacket and coat releases, we have been buzzing to get our new shirting collection out there. By now we are sure you've already seen most of them across our Instagram page, but we thought we would delve into the range a bit more for this post. Below we've got some of our inspiration from behind three collections show you, along with some of our favourite shots from our most recent photoshoots. 



If you have seen our previous blog post about the paisley print, you will know that we are heavily influenced by the motif and those who wore it. We've been building on our range of paisley shirts across the past few months, and now offer 10 different styles across kaftans, shirts and velvet numbers. We love them because they encompass the 60s psychedelic era and thus are real stand-out pieces.



Animal Print

Most recently we have released our two effortlessly cool animal print velvet kaftans, inspired by the likes of Sergio Pizzorno and Miles Kane. In comparison to the paisley, these shirts give off a real rock 'n' roll vibe, especially if paired with a leather jacket and accessorised with some sunglasses and jewellery. We photographed the shirts in really laid-back surroundings, and showed how each shirt can be styled to your own preference.

Both of our White Leopard Kaftan and the Black Leopard Kaftan are exclusive, limited edition pieces and we've only got 100 of each for you. 


Flower Print

Alongside paisley and animal print we also offer three floral pieces: two kaftans and a shirt. You may be able to tell by the name 'Strawberry Fields', that we've carefully picked patterns which are again heavily inspired by 60s artwork, music and fashion. These cotton shirts are statement essentials for your wardrobe and add a touch of the Beatles to any outfit. 


Shop our full range of shirts here, and keep up-to-date with our Instagram to find out about our next release.


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