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London's V&A: Linda McCartney's Rock 'n' Roll Photography

by Emily Pack |

Recently, we've had the pleasure of visiting London's Victoria and Albert Museum to view an exclusive collection of original photographs shot by Linda McCartney, the late wife of Sir Paul McCartney who donated the images in her memory in October 2018. The museum's photography centre is now currently the home of some iconic portraits of artists, whose style has influenced many of our designs at PHIX, including Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and the Rolling Stones. Sixty three pieces total were donated, including of course pictures of the Beatles and family polaroids of Paul, Linda and their children, some completely unseen by the public until now.


McCartney was known for capturing intimate and unguarded moments of celebrities including Twiggy, and she also took more abstract, creative photos of objects and animals, including pf poodles in regents park and artsy Cyanotype photographs.

If you are unable to view the collection in person, TASCHEN released a photobook in 2019 of some of the shots titled 'Linda McCartney: The Polaroid Diaries', which may be purchased online. You can also view some of the exhibit, as well as many other collections, for free on the V&A's website.