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25 Brook Street: Jimi Hendrix's Sixties London Home

by Emily Pack |

With COVID-19 restrictions now easing in the UK, we've been keen to get out there and explore. Handel & Hendrix House, the location of Jimi Hendrix's London home, has re-opened weekends, so we eagerly paid the place a visit and are excited to share it with you in today's blog. You can book your tickets to see the place in person up until September 22nd, when the museum will close again for a refurbishment and the inclusion of a new kitchen space, so be sure to check it out whilst you have the chance this summer.

The famous flat of Jimi Hendrix on Brook Street has been lovingly restored to its 1969 interior using multiple photographs of the place at that time and with the help of the flat's other sixties occupant, Hendrix's then-girlfriend Kathy Etchingham. Hendrix and Etchingham met on his first day in London, and remained together (albeit on-and-off) for the next two and a half years.

This was Hendrix's first ever home of his own, and was decorated to his tastes, including multiple tapestries, Persian rugs, feathers and an oval mirror above the fireplace, the original of which is still there today. It is an incredible feeling to view yourself in the exact same glass as an iconic musician, and this is an experience any fan would be sure to appreciate. A little fact we learnt from our trip was that many of Hendrix's cushions, curtains and furnishings were actually purchased from the nearby John Lewis department store, as well as the expected second-hand shops and street markets.


Before Hendrix moved in, the flat had been home to another musical legend, George Frideric Handel, the 18th Century German composer. Handel's blue plaque on the front of the house in 1968 'really tickled' Hendrix, and he was inspired to purchase some of Handel's recordings from the HMV on Oxford Street. You can view Hendrix's full record collection at the museum today, as well as some of his guitars and clothing, including one of his iconic red velvet blazers. 

Back in the day, the flat was located above a restaurant called Mr. Love, where Hendrix would order dinner from regularly, as well as purchase his favourite wine, Matteus Rosé. Hendrix loved staying home, either to play guitar, party hard with the menagerie of people he collected and brought back with him on his outings and gigs, or to simply watch Coronation Street with a cup of milky tea (yes, really). Hendrix was a true social butterfly, giving out his phone number to literally everyone, so that the two phones in the flat rang off the hook.

You can view hundreds of photographs of Hendrix and his famous guests, take pictures in the replica room (complete with Hendrix's beloved 'Dog Bear', knitted for him by a fan, miniatures of which you can purchase in the gift shop), as well as find out so much more about the greatest guitarist of all time at the museum now, for only £10 per person. Click here to book yours.