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Style: Mick Jagger

by Adam Ward |

An irreplaceable figure in both music and fashion, Mick Jagger is a legendary frontman with an instantly recognisable style. Leading the iconic rock band - the Rolling Stones - and transitioning from one era to another, he’s built up a vast portfolio of adventurous outfits since the 1960s.


From tailored Mod in the 60s, androgynous glam-rock in the 70s and spandex in the 80s, it’s no question that he’s taken on trends of the times since the start of the Stones. Throughout these crucial years in both fashion and music, his experimental looks and flamboyant presence on stage have helped to truly redefine what is meant by masculinity in fashion. He’s the embodiment of real rock & roll, and his dandyism will certainly stand the test of time.


Although no one can come close to replicating that of Jagger, everyone can take tips from his daring wardrobe. Even at the age of 74, his style and presence on stage are still as relevant and inspiring as they always have been. He’s a man with a unique style and persona, and has set the standard for decades to come.