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The Mods

by Abbie Franks |

As relevant now as it was in the swinging Sixties, the classic Mod style is the core inspiration for Phix. The originally British youth movement was streamlined by combining a strong sense of forward-thinking idealism with American, European and Afro-Caribbean style and music.


Today the Mod subculture is one of the only ‘youth’ trends that still remains prominent, and many men who started off as Mods in their teen years still remain one today. Emerging from the desire to break away from tradition, the style has become much more than just fashion, and rather a lifestyle, religion and passion.


The original Mods can be remembered as a subcultural group who took over the once dull, working-class areas of London, with their brightly coloured clothing, modern Italian scooters, and love for music.

The classic style epitomises youth, Britain, standing out from the crowd and looking smart, and these elements resonate through the inspiration and designs at Phix.


Be sure to check out our Mod Pinterest board here for more inspiration for our upcoming collections.