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The 1962 Jacket: Our Inspiration

by Abbie Franks |

One of the most noticeable connections between popular culture and the military is fashion. From parkas to duffle coats, shirts to drummer jackets, across the years so many pieces of outerwear have been directly influenced by the Armed Forces.

Like all of these pieces, one of the main inspirations behind our 1962 Jacket is too, the US Military.


The classic M65 Combat Jacket is still one of the most recognisable military jackets, with its shoulder epaulettes, snap-up pockets, storm flap and concealed hood in its collar. Elements of this jacket have managed to weave themselves into areas of both womenswear and menswear apparel, and we've taken a few for our 1962 Jacket.


Along with the military, another direct source of inspiration for our 1962 Jacket comes from some of our favourite musicians - The Beatles and Liam Gallagher. During The Beatles gig at New York's Shea Stadium in 1965, the quartet all sported a jacket which again took inspiration from military-wear. As a brand who are inspired by retro and Mod clothing, we instantly knew we wanted to create a jacket similar to this, but of course with our own twist. 


Following on from The Beatles gig, Liam Gallagher was also seen during the 1990s in a very similar jacket. Again his jacket was beige in colour and had epaulettes and large front pockets. It's an undoubtedly cool jacket, which we knew we had to take inspiration from.



Now, although we've taken a nod back to the 60s and 90s, we couldn't design the 1962 Jacket without a Phix twist could we? Before creating the jacket we closely scrutinised the jackets worn by the US Military, The Beatles and Liam Gallagher, looking at every detail from fabric right down to buttons. From there we carefully picked our fabrics, colours and features, and designed our 1962 Jacket in three colourways: Black VelvetRed Velvet and Black Paisley - all lined with our exclusive Phix paisley print.




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