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Style: Steve Marriott

by Abbie Franks |

Centre-parted hair, 3-button suits, bold patterns and retro sunglasses – a look which signifies the 1960s, and belonged to none other than the late Steve Marriott. Today we follow on from our Paul Weller style post, as we pay homage to a style which continues to influence young and old men across the UK and America.


After the demise of the Small Faces and them failing to break into America like the Beatles and the Kinks, some may argue that the band was Over Too Soon, leading to Marriott's panache being lost along the way. Nevertheless, us at Phix believe his style is still, if not more, relevant now than it was when he was alive. Year-on-year a Small Faces Convention occurs, hosted by Mr John Hellier from; Here film shows take place, merchandise stalls are set up, music is played, and young and old Mods from across the world meet up to appreciate the fashion and music of the 1960s. Those who made up the Small Faces were real, genuine Mods who were obsessed with the music and fashion which epitomises the era, and those who remain fans are still able to embody this today. Many kids who were ‘born too late’ look like they have taken a time machine back to the 60s, and those who grew up as Mods still feel nostalgic. It’s a style which we think should continue to thrive, and we hope that these images will inspire you as much as they inspire us.


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