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Style: Keith Richards

by Abbie Franks |

Today we're paying homage to Keith Richards and the 74-year-old's extraordinary way of dressing. He's an icon that for years has filled the mould of real 'sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll', through his wild, flamboyant and utterly cool sense of style. 


As The Stones found their sound in the 70s, Keith adapted his fresh-faced, smart appearance into something much more extravagant. He could be seen round the streets of London in oversized shaggy coats; snakeskin boots; heaps of leopard print and covered in layers of black kohl eyeliner. Whether it was down to his debaucherous lifestyle or not, we also often saw him hiding his 'cocaine eyes' with anything from fly-eyes to aviators.



 He's the man who didn't follow trends but made them instead. Looking back, his 'pirate chic' outfits may not seem so flamboyant in today's society, but at the time his scarves, tight trousers and skull jewellery combined with his hedonistic lifestyle, all made him the king of rebellion. 

We read an fascinating point by Another Man, which we will quote here:

“In terms of skulls, all roads lead back to Keith’s legendary skull ring, which, since the late 70s, has been a permanent fixture; and today, it’s all seemingly come full-circle, with Keith rocking many of the clothes he himself inspired, such as the skull-adorned scarves, python blazers, and rock-chic jewellery. Whoever said that clothes ‘make the man’ obviously wasn’t acquainted with Keith, for, without him and his attitude, they wouldn’t mean a whit.”

Pretty crazy right? Those clothes that he threw on in the midst of the 60s and 70s have become the basis of inspiration for brands such as McQueen and The Kooples (not forgetting us too), whilst he continues to buy into the trend he once created. 



He's made a uniform from wild hair (often now tamed by a headband), neck ties, skinny jeans and layers of accessories, and his unforgettable, truly unique style will inspire for generations to come. All in all, he's true rock & roll and has managed to do all this with a bottle of JD in his hand. Not bad going.

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