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Paul Weller's Style Evolution

by Adam Ward |

In a similar vein to that of our Alex Turner post, we're here today to look back at Paul Weller's style, right through from his time in The Jam, The Style Council, and his solo career. From a young age Paul Weller has been known to be fully immersed into the world fashion, and has undoubtably been influenced by music, clothes and football throughout his life.  Below we've outlined his journey from a young lad up to present day.



From the outset it was clear that Weller was heavily influenced by the music and subcultural affairs of the time. From the age of 16 he sported the Skinhead aesthetic, by wearing Harrington jackets, Fred Perry polos and turned up levi jeans. 


The Jam

As a band, the Jam's aesthetic was quintessentially Mod. Weller himself was fully engrossed by the Mod scene, so it was only natural for this to rub off onto his fellow band members. The usual attire of three-button suits and loafers were highly reminiscent of 1960s Mod, and this created a sense of unity which remains rather necessary in a band today. 


The 80s

The 80s was a time which really brought to light the versatility of Paul Weller's style. In 1980 we see him alongside Pete Townshend from The Who, in a typically-mod outfit, however he certainly moved away from this world throughout the decade. Even at the height of the Mod revival, Weller turned to a more contemporary style. He wore an oversized herringbone double-breasted coat, jeans and loafers - a far cry away from the heavy-duty parkas which were still popular with the youths at the time.




Back to His Roots

Growing up throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, it's clear that Weller had a constant stream of subcultural influences both within music and fashion. However, although he's transitioned throughout the times of Skinheads, Mods and Hippies to name a few, he'll always be remembered as being a quintessentially British Mod. He's fused convention with rebellion and today he proves that it's possible to still look mega cool and age with style. Many of those who were influenced by the likes of Rock & Roll, Northern Soul and Pop are all still influenced by them now no matter what their age. Today even through Weller's current style, his Mod lifestyle lives on.

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