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Our Favourite Glastonbury Performances

by Abbie Franks |

Glastonbury's fallow year for this summer has got us thinking back to what the festival has had to offer since it's opening in 1970.  Anyone who has been lucky enough to grab a ticket will know that it's a magical place which has put on incredible, unforgettable acts over the years. 

In celebration of the festival, and to give you something to look forward to for next year, we've collated our favourite performances below for you to watch.


The Verve

Glastonbury 2008

Arctic Monkeys

Glastonbury 2007

Paul McCartney

Glastonbury 2004


Glastonbury 1997

David Bowie

Glastonbury 2000

Florence & The Machine

Glastonbury 2015


Glastonbury 2005


Glastonbury 1995


Glastonbury 2009

Foo Fighters

Glastonbury 2017