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Musicians with Style

by Abbie Franks |

It goes without saying that music and fashion go hand-in-hand, so rather than focusing on one musician for this post we've brought together a number of stylish lads, all with very different wardrobes. The list could go on and on with the obvious favourites like The Beatles, Bowie, Alex Turner and Paul Weller, so we've highlighted some of the less obvious. 



Miles Kane

Leopard print blazers, paisley print, patterned trousers and bright red leather – there’s not much this man can’t pull off. He’s a musician who’s always carried a bold and distinctive style, both on and off stage.



We couldn’t mention one without the other, as next up is a punk rock due with a very punk-inspired aesthetic. Since Slaves exploded onto the music scene their confident and charismatic personalities have managed to grab the attention of their fans. They’re a pair that wear what they want and say what they want.


Brandon Flowers

A man of many styles is Brandon Flowers. From slick hair and leather jackets to star-print shirts, eyeliner and sequins - he’s given most looks a try across his Killer career.

Joel Stoker

Rocking the traditional Mod look is Joel Stoker from The Rifles. He’s a smart-looking, cool lad whose music and style often slips under the radar.


James Bagshaw

A lad with a real retro / vintage look is James Bagshaw from Temples. We're a big fan of the band's records, but also of his big hair and androgynous choice of clothing.


Joey Newey

Lead singer of the rising band Kashmere, Joey Newey has definitely mastered the look of a frontman. Often portraying a really rock and roll aesthetic, you'll find him in leather jackets, printed shirts and skinny jeans, topped off with stylish hats, sunglasses and pins


The Kinks 

We're heading back to the 60s now with a band who may have mocked the fashion culture of the decade in their record "Dedicated Followers of Fashion", but still remain retro style icons today.  Rather than sporting the classic Mod look of the time, The Kinks were instead flamboyant with their ruffled shirts, loud blazers and assortment of patterned ties.


The Faces

Finishing off our list we've got The Faces - a band who rocked the 1970s and carried a similar flamboyant, exuberant and bold style. The five-piece were often seen wearing flared trousers, clashing prints and a whole host of necklaces, scarves and hats.