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Five of Manchester's Best Up-and-Coming Bands for 2017

by Abbie Franks |

From alternative-rock to acid house, Manchester has been at the heart of British music since the late 1980s. The 'Madchester' era not only saw some of the best artists emerge from the city, but it also inspired and continues to inspire musicians from the area to strive for the same success. Just last month we saw Stockport's five-piece Blossoms sell out their biggest show to date at Castlefield Bowl, after their colossal indie-breakthrough in 2016. In light of this, today we are giving some well-deserved attention to five up-and-coming bands - all of which are arising from the streets of Manchester.



Kashmere carry a classic indie/rock sound with a twist of synth – an exclusive addition to the underground Manchester music scene. The four-piece consists of Joey Newey (Vocals/Guitar), Charlie Cole (Guitar), Andy Law (Vocals/Drums) and Dave Pennington (Bass), who have most recently released their third, and most impressive single to date: Hoxton. Following their sellout gig at Jimmys in May, the crowd-capturing band have released their UK summer tour starting this week - make sure you grab yourself a ticket.



Emerging through a wave of dark psychedelia in 2015, Crimsons have since used their sensuous vocals and melodic riffs to set themselves apart from other bands on the scene at the moment. The extremely talented 3-piece consists of Sam Cartwright (Vocals/Guitar), Lucas Berry (Bass) and Adam Kenny (Drums), and they have just released their debut EP 'Shy Talk', so be sure to give it a listen.  



Ethan & The Reformation

Sticking to the genre of psychedelic-rock, Ethan & The Reformation stick a modern twist on 1960s psychedelia, and compare themselves to the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Doors and The Beatles. We loved their guitar-driven debut single 'Hollandia', so we are buzzing about their new releases. The band have just added "Free from Everything"and "Sunflower Children" to their Spotify archive, and these take a softer, more kaleidoscopic approach - equally as wonderful.


The Claremonts

A band which carry a very Mancunian sound, and seemingly have been referred to by Louder Than War as "one of Manchester's brightest young prospects", The Claremonts consist of: Finn Gildea (Vocals), Nathan Rowbotham (Guitars), Ryan Stevens (Bass) and Imogen Shortall (Drums). Again bringing something fresh to the city, the indie/rock outfit get their crowds jiving with their upbeat guitar riffs and their rollicking sound.





Finishing off our list is indie/new wave band Carnation, who released their debut single ‘Time Waster’ back in 2016. After a short break from recording and a rejig of their band, the lads: Saul Backhouse (Vocals/Bass), Cameron Nolan (Guitar) and Oscar Mangini (Drums), are back recording some new tracks. We're expecting more riotous riffs and banging drum work like that in Time Waster, however what they're going to pull of of the bag is still left a secret.



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