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Alex Turner's Style Evolution

by Abbie Franks |

With The Arctic Monkeys back on the scene, we thought we'd take the opportunity to have a look back at frontman Alex Turner's style evolution. He's moved on from tracksuit jackets, scruffy hair and pull-over jumpers, and adopted a well-gelled quiff, leather biker jackets and a charismatic charm.

But, how did he start off as a young, awkward teen, before transforming into one of the most stylish lads in British rock & roll? We've outlined his journey below.



The Start

We're starting at the beginning of the style evolution, where by the looks of things the frontman wasn't too interested in fashion. In his defence though, who really carries such confidence and style before all the record sales, fame and money? 



Albeit Alex has always had a charming persona, as we move into 2007 he still has your typical laid-back sixth-former appearance. Unbuttoned polos and sports jackets are a far cry from his current aesthetic.


The Start of The Last Shadow Puppets

2008 was the year of The Last Shadow Puppet's debut album, and the year it appeared Alex Turner and Miles Kane were long-lost twins.



Alex and Alexa

During the early days of Alex and Alexa we saw a smarter, more mature version of Alex, with muted colours, smart coats, skinny jeans and a neater hair cut.


Recent The Last Shadow Puppets

In comparison to the early days of the band, Alex’s style has changed dramatically. As a member of The Last Shadow Puppets, his appearance and persona takes a more flamboyant, out-there approach. On and off stage we see brightly coloured suits, bold hair styles and even bolder dance moves.



Rock Star

Finally, we arrive at Alex’s very 50s-inspired, Teddy Boy look which we all know and love. The Arctic Monkeys as a band have changed dramatically since the start, and it’s clear that so has the frontman’s fashion sense. His effortless rock & roll style inspires many lads across Britain, and we look forward to seeing some more of his outfit choices across the band’s summer performances.



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